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Easy as 1-2-3. Simply add 1cup of green beans (2 half cups), select your desired preset roasting profile, and press the roast button.
The unit automatically roasts then cools the beans.

1. Add your favorite
green coffee beans.
2. Select your preferred roast. 3. Then start roast.

How do our Coffee Roasters work?

A directed stream of hot air moves upward through the beans, both roasting and mixing the beans to provide an even roast.
The airstream then carries the chaff away from the roasted bean and moves it into the collector surrounding the top neck of the roasting pot, safely away from the roasted beans.
The final minutes of the roasting cycle are a special cool down mode (roasting requires temperatures in the neighborhood of 450 degrees), which cools the beans and the roaster to a comfortable temperature.

Now with Programmable Memory!

Specially designed for the i-Roast 2, you now can program up to 10 different memory functions right into your coffee roaster!
At any roasting stage, you can set the roasting time from 0 to 15 minutes. To retrieve your programmed setting, push the "cool" button, then simply press the up or down arrows to choose your desired setting.


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