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The preset temperatures and times are as follows for the i-Roast 2:

Preset 1** Preset 2
Stage 1 450F / 10:00 Stage 1 455F / 6:00
Stage 2 N/A Stage 2 400F / 4:00
Stage 3 N/A Stage 3 435F / 1:30

We recommend to use only 70 - 80 grams for Preset 1 to ensure even roast in I-Roast 2**

The preset temperatures and times are as follows for the i-Roast I:

Preset 1 Preset 2
Stage 1 385F / 3:00 Stage 1 455F / 6:00
Stage 2 425F / 4:00 Stage 2 400F / 4:00
Stage 3 455F / 2:00 Stage 3 435F / 1:30

The two preset stages are there to help you to begin roasting; these should be use as guidelines only. Preset 1 is intended for more light and medium roast and Preset 2 is more for the dark roast.

Whenever you are roasting, the best advice is to watch the progress of the roasting stages and experiment with this product to get your favorite roast. As soon as you see the start of the roast you desire, hit the "cool" button so you do not over roast your beans. Remember, the i-Roast will go into cool cycle two ways. Either the roasting cycle is finished or if you manually overide the roasting cycle by clicking the "cool" button to stop the roast and cooling the machine. Make sure you never interrupt the cooling cycle, always let it finish cooling for all 4 minutes. Find the desire will take practice, but once you get that perfect roast, it will be worth it.

Also, for safety reasons, the machine will automatically go to cool cycle if the roasting pot is slightly removed from where it suppose to be. This is for users protection as well as for the machine. Another thing, if the machine overheats due to too much beans, or there is no airflow, and/or the wire gets burned, the machine will shut itself off so it won't burn the roaster. Again, these features are on all i-Roasts to protect it and the users.

The stages below are to give you an idea of some different types of roasts. Keep in mind the climate, bean types, amount of beans, amount of chaffs, voltage in your home, when you stop the roast, and etc will give you a different result. *

Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3
Temperature Time Temperature Time Temperature Time
485F 7:00 min. 365F 4:00 min. 420F 4:00 min.
460F 7:15 min. 375F 3:45 min. 435F 3:0 min.
455F 7:30 min. 385F
3:30 min. 430F 3:30 min.
475F 7:00 min. 370F 4:00 min. 425F 4:00 min.
455F 7:15 min. 390F 4:00 min. 430F 3:45 min.
*The presets above were set at 115 volts, Room temp, approximately 70F with 5.3oz/150 grams of
Bolivian, size #16-17 green beans

The bigger the size of beans = using less amount of beans
The lower the ambient temperature = higher the temperature settings and using fewer beans
The lower the voltage = using less amount of beans

We strongly recommend as you are adjusting the above temperatures and times to keep a personal roasting journal with the following information:

  1. Temperature and Times for all three stages
  2. Ambient Temperature
  3. Type of Beans
  4. Screen Size of beans
  5. Degree and Time of Roast at 1st and 2nd crack
  6. Amount of Chaff
  7. Type of Roast
  8. Cupping results

To ensure that you receive similar results, we strongly suggest if you must roast more than once a day, please wait at least two hours between roasts.

**In the i-Roast 2, Preset 1 is set at 450 F for 10 minutes and was made more for former Precision Coffee Roaster users. Many of our customers still enjoy our Precision, so for that reason, we set Preset 1 to resemble the Precision.


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