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  • First and foremost, because you can have fresh roasted coffee maximum flavor the day you desire.
  • You can create your own masterblend at home for superb taste and flavor.
  • Essential to roast at home. 40% of true coffee aroma, flavor and freshness may be lost in just one week after roasting.
  • Raw coffee beans are readily available and can remain fresh for up to 10 years.
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What makes our I-Roast?

  • Roasts any bean for any brewing system in less than 15 minutes.
  • Full range of roasting capability (Cinnamon to dark French).
  • Roasts enough beans to produce up to 24 cups of coffee.
  • Chaff collector system that removes all of the chaff.
  • Hi-visibility roasting pot for easy monitoring.
  • Compact - requires minimal counter space.
  • Interlocking parts for excellent product stability.
  • Efficient cool down cycle to make all parts safe and comfortable to handle.


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