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Coffee Roaster
Parts & Accessories
Coffee Grinder
Thermal Collection
I-Roast Parts Not Available
(Some may be substituted w/ i-roast 2)
1) Smoke Vent Attachment
Go to i-roast 2  
Complete Chaff Collector Assembly (2+3+4)
Go to i-roast 2 
2) Chaff Collector Lid
Go to i-roast 2 
3) Chaff filter Mesh
Go to i-roast 2 
4) Chaff Collector Base
Go to i-roast 2 
5) Glass roasting pot only (without chaff collector assembly)
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6) Power Base Assembly
No user serviceable parts - return required
Not available  
7) Brush
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8) Cup
Go to i-roast 2
Price: $0.50 USD


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